The Best!

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The only man who touches my back (when there are problems) is Torben. He is THE BEST. When I was told my back would take 2 weeks to fix - Torben had me on my feet in 2 days. I don't know what I would do without him. He works miracles.

Definitely Recommend!

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I went to Torben's Clinic last Wednesday for the first time. Since Tuesday morning my lower back was blocked, I could not walk, sit or lie normally and each and single movement of my body provoked a very nasty pain. And I had been training for the Paris Half Marathon for 3.5 weeks and very much wanted to run it ! "Not asking for too much" said Torben with humor when I explained the situation. He manipulated me on Wednesday. On Thursday the pain was still there but slightly less and I had recovered a bit of flexibility . I went back for one more session. Friday I felt slightly better and Saturday I could walk in Paris almost without pain. And finally The Day arrived. Not only I took the departure but I did not feel any pain while running and I finished in 1h48 !! So big thanks to Torben ! I definitely recommend his magic hands to any runner in distress 🙂

I Trust Him

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I have been going to Central London Osteopathy for the past 10 years. In my opinion Torben Hersborg and his team are the best in London My initial reason for seeing Torben was a loss of strength and numbness in my right arm and leg. After a few sessions, Torben redirected me to my GP as he suspected something was wrong. I had Peripheral Neuropathy from B12 Deficiency. It would probably have remained undiagnosed until a lot of damage had been done to my spine without his expertise. Over the years Torben has sorted out problems with back from old sporting injuries, my neck from bad desk posture and of course, the legacy of the neuropathy. I trust him and his team completely.

Thrilled With The Progress!

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After 6 months off running with a dodgy knee, following a Snowboarding injury, I went to see Torben on a recommendation. Two sessions later I was already lacing up and am thrilled with the progress. I've had a number of running and extreme sports related injuries over the years and Torben is hands down the best Physio/Osteopath I've been to - he just gets on with 'fixing' you. Now I wouldn't go anywhere else and would thoroughly recommend him and the clinic.

Successful Treatment!

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I can strongly recommend Central London Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic for the treatment of muscular injuries or back pain. I have been coming to the Old Street Clinic for over 5 years now, initially getting Sports Massage to relieve pain that stemmed from a prolapsed disc in my lower back. The quality of the Sports Massage I have received at the clinic over the years has been so good that I have avoided disc replacement surgery and I have managed to remain comfortable even during pregnancy. This past year my right leg has been giving me a lot of pain and I felt that I was putting too much weight through the right side of my body. I had begun to limp when walking and so I thought I would try an Osteopath session for a change. Almost instantly, Torben seems to have restored the balance in my body - allowing me to feel more sensation in my left leg than I have felt in several years. My posture has improved considerably and I have greater strength now in my legs. My husband (knee) and a friend (back) have used the clinic at my suggestion also and they too report successful treatments. I sometimes feel I would be lost without Central London Osteopathy!

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